David Sadof on YouTube

David (Karen’s brother) has a YouTube Channel and has recently posted a fun spot promoting his new online radio station.


Exposure with David Sadof

Karen’s brother has just launched his web-based online streaming radio station, Exposure with David Sadof. It is a hand-crafted collection of rock, indie and alternative music. The station is curated and hosted by Karen’s brother, a Houston DJ whose past shows on terrestrial radio include Explosions In The Glass Palace (KSHU-FM), Exposure (101 KLOL-FM) and Lunar Rotation (KTBZ-FM The Buzz).

“The former 101 KLOL show “Exposure with David Sadof” finds new home on the web with an alternative spirit

If you were in early 1990s Houston, then you might know “Exposure with David Sadof” on 101 KLOL was the spot on the radio dial to be exposed to the new wave of alternative music on the horizon. Ironically, many of the bands this alternative tastemaker played on his specialty show would eventually overtake some songs on the rest of the rock station.”Mike McGruff

Addenda: The Houston Press has an article on David’s new station:

“If Houston has anything close to an alternative-music guru, it’s got to be David Sadof. Last week he rolled out Exposure, his new online station that takes its name from the late-night FM program he hosted on the KLOL in the ’80s that was like MTV’s old 120 Minutes, except on the radio. (more…)” – Chris Gray

— dwig

Happy Birthday Richard

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Richard, Easter ’56

It’s my brother Richard’s birthday today, born on the 25th anniversary of the premier performance of Ravel’s Boléro and, like me, once had a full head of hair!

— dwig

June Birthdays

Just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to my niece Jeannot and her dad, my younger brother JP.

The first picture is from the first time I met Jeannot a number of years ago. It was her first birthday.

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And here’s a picture of my youngest brother, Jeannot’s dad, at about the same age. He’s posing with our father in the front yard of our house in Louisville KY.

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